This is the story of a trip gone wrong, of an expedition that gets derailed in a time when the world closes up for travellers. Perhaps that’s why Atlantic is so visceral, so human, so exciting.

Camila, Tato, Vinsen, and Daniel Landa form the team that embarks on a journey, with the intention of circumnavigating the Atlantic Ocean by land, departing from Cape Finisterre, in Galicia, to arrive at Cape Agulhas in South Africa.

They look forward to immerse themselves in the traditions, experience the celebrations, from the Rapa das Bestas, in Galicia, to the spiritual dances of the Ivory Coast. Along the way, they will live among the desert Berbere’s, visit witchcraft schools, and voodoo ceremonies.

As for the journey within, the team will suffer accidents and illnesses, but they will always end up being rewarded by a road that’s full of magic… until that magic breaks in a thousand pieces with the irruption of a global pandemic: Covid 19.

An emergency retreat brings the team back home. After 9 long months of confinement, they find an opportunity to return to Africa. They will no longer be able to use their cars, everything will be more precarious and unsafe, but they get to go back. Only Vinsen and Daniel sign up for the adventure within the adventure: to travel through Africa in pandemic times, with closed borders, quarantines, and a collection of problems along the way.

This final stretch also takes them to the depths of Africa. They keep going however they can, they stumble, take airway detours, local minibuses, cars, or trucks. Whatever it takes to get to the south of the south of Africa, after a 307-day expedition, thus demonstrating that dreaming and travelling… even in these times, is still possible…


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13 x 60'
4K / HD