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The Great Wall with Ash Dykes


Join Ash Dykes on the adventure of a lifetime, as he explores iconic and hidden parts of the Great Wall of China.

As one of the Seven Wonders of the World, the Great Wall of China has been explored, studied, and documented countless times. But with its ever-changing terrain, rich culture and fascinating history, there’s so much left to be discovered!

Join us for an awe-inspiring 6-part series as explorer and adventurer Ash Dykes embarks on his greatest journey yet – discovering the Great Wall of China by traversing six distinct landscapes and uncovering the wondrous secrets of this majestic wonder.

From climbing near-vertical portions of the wall at extreme heights to scuba diving the deep waters where the wall now lies submerged, Ash offers intimate access to the Great Wall most visitors will never see; we learn about its historical influence, see the breathtaking landscapes its builders faced, and embrace its rich cultural heritage. In each episode, Ash also meets local people with a meaningful connection to their section of the Great Wall.

This 13,000-mile breath-taking wonder, visible from space, snakes its way through the Chinese landscape, presenting an extraordinary backdrop for Ash’s exploration of China's astonishingly varied geography, ranging from barren deserts to snow-topped mountains, and dense forests inhabited by exotic and endangered wildlife.

As Ash delves into each diverse landscape, he'll immerse himself in unforgettable experiences that make this epic landmark truly come alive. Get ready for a fresh look at the Great Wall like you've never seen before – this is ... The Great Wall with Ash Dykes!


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6 x 60'
CCTV China
Viasat World