Wild Latam is a spectacular documentary series about the nature and wildlife of South & Central America.

The series offers an extraordinary journey to the wonders of this legendary continent, featuring the Gila monster in the Sonora Desert in Mexico, the killer whales of Tierra de Fuego in Argentina, the mythical condor of the Andes in Peru, the dolphin of the Amazon River in Brazil and the hummingbird of the Colombian jungle.

South America, Central America and Mexico when taken together form a unique ecological unit, where the Andes, the longest and second highest mountain range on the planet, and the Amazon Basin, home of the longest and largest river on Earth, are neighbours to the driest desert, the most extensive glaciers and the least-known forests and jungles in the world. What is known is that this is the most biodiverse of all the continents, the richest in landscapes and fauna. WILD LATAM is a surprising, elegant wildlife documentary series that will show the richness of South America’s wildlife, its most striking events, its best-kept secrets.

Episodic Breakdown
1. Wild Latam
2. Patagonia - Argentina
3. Atacama - Chile
4. Pantanal - Brazil
5. Amazon - Brazil
6. Infinite Plains - Colombia
7. The Caribbean - Mexico, Costa Rica, Panama
8. The Rain Forest
9. The Andes - Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia


Programme Details

9 x 60'
National Geographic Latam
Blue Ant Channels
4K / HD