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Honey Badger - The Great Survivor


Of every 10 honey badgers that leave home to become independent, 6 die within the first few weeks. Does 18 month old Grit have what it takes to survive?

Grit is a young, 18-month-old honey badger seeking his fortune in the wild Namibian savannah. He’s incredibly tough, but he’s never been out here alone before. His mission is to establish a territory and find enough food to survive. Honey badgers have a high-octane metabolism, and need to eat around 3 pounds of food a day. He’s prepared to take on almost anything to fulfill his daily quota. He battles through sharp thorns to hunt down a mouse, tackles venomous scorpions, and fights off African honey bees to access precious liquid gold honey. With a bit of badger ingenuity, he cracks an ostrich egg, the largest and hardest egg in the world, by rolling it over a log.

The savannah is a wild and dangerous place, he’s got to watch his back for vicious predators like wild dogs, heavily-armed porcupines with 20-inch long quills, and the monitor lizard; the largest lizard in Africa with a tail that can break bone. He’s packing all the tools nature gave him, including a formidable array of offensive and defensive weapons. Grit’s hide is like a Kevlar vest; thorns can’t pierce it, neither can a knife, spear or arrow. His claws are like curved knives for grabbing and pinning prey. He has evolved immunity to scorpion and snake venom and he’s got a powerful drive to survive.

Can this young rookie find enough guts, resilience, initiative and tenacity and become the fearless honey badger his kind are famous for?


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