Guinea Pig Diaries reveals the special bond between humans and their pet guinea pigs, providing stories more compelling than we could ever have imagined.

Our relationship with this small furry animal has been part of the domesticated pet culture for centuries. This film provides a rare and unfiltered look into the lives of these often misunderstood rodents and the people who adore them, breed them and rescue them.

From the largest rescue organisations in Europe and America to breeders who attend the largest guinea pig show in Bavaria, the film offers entertaining and heartwarming stories from a variety of International locations. The activities of YouTube influencers are also examined together with an insight into a unique guinea pig hotel in the United Kingdom, all backed up with commentary from one of the world’s leading animal behaviourists, Dr. Anne McBride.

Dr. McBride has long studied the human-guinea pig connection and gives a fascinating insight into our understanding of what life is actually like from this little animal’s point of view. Her keen wit matched with her examination of the intriguing guinea pig is both important and enlightening.

Filmed throughout Europe and North America, Guinea Pig Diaries takes you below the surface of what makes these small animals so appealing and at the same time offers insights into how to best respect and look after them. As Anne McBride says, “It’s simple, just lower your body down and begin to visualise life from a guinea pig’s perspective. You might be surprised at what you see.”


Programme Details

1 x 60'