Natural History and Wildlife

Where Spiders Dwell


Using macro filming techniques and shot over 3 years, this film reveals the hidden lives of these astonishing creatures and how they adapt and thrive in the face of constant hostility.

A family in Denmark has a problem. An eight-legged arachnid problem. They’ve just bought an old, abandoned house, surrounded by a garden which the previous owners left to run wild. While the garden is a great habitat for spiders, the house has become one of their favourite nesting grounds.

It’s warm here and there are plently of places to hide. They have no intention of leaving. Not wanting to exterminate the spiders, the family try everything they can to persuade them to leave. Nothing works. The spiders are here to stay. After all, they were here first.

While house spiders may have long, elegant legs, they are relatively harmless. The large Wasp spider with its colourful yellow, black and white striped body may not be deadly to humans, but it’s certainly a threat to other species. The Wolf spider also has a frightening appearance and can be aggressive. Who can blame the family for wanting to get rid of them?


Programme Details

1 x 60'
National Geographic Wild
4K / HD