The documentary explores how animals adapt and thrive in extreme environments around the world, showcasing remarkable strategies and behaviors in the face of harsh conditions.

From the poles to the tropics, from desert to swamp, from mountain peaks to ocean depths – life on Earth has spread into every niche – even into the most extreme environments on our planet. Animals have developed remarkable strategies and behaviours to thrive in the harshest conditions. There are birds that use a volcano’s heat to breed; sloths that turn out to be excellent swimmers; and monkeys that live at 1,500 metres above sea level which have grown long fur to cope with the cold.

Environments can change into extreme places during different seasons. To the advantage of some, and the demise of others. When ponds dry out at the height of summer they expose the last remaining fish to hungry crocodiles and storks. Dry riverbeds may fill and turn into raging streams after rare rainfalls – helping animals make it over the worst times in their unforgiving desert homes. These are just a few examples of nature’s amazing ability to adapt to the most difficult circumstances.

This spectacular three-part series presents extreme habitats all around the globe. Meet the resident species that are pushed to their limits to survive and thrive. We'll follow their lives and see their fascinating solutions. Because in the end, it all comes down to evolution's hard truth: adapt or die.


Programme Details

3 x 60'