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Aurora Teagarden Mysteries : Something New


This series is based on New York Times best-selling novels by Charlaine Harris whose work inspired True Blood.

Twenty-five--year-old Aurora Teagarden returns home from college to pursue her post-graduate degree but soon finds herself embroiled in a deadly mystery involving her friend's fiancé.

When a 25-year old Aurora Teagarden moves back to her hometown of Lawrenceton, she takes a job working at a local diner while struggling to complete her thesis in Library Science (with a focus in Criminology), as well as making peace with the reality of moving back in with her mother.

When a suspicious altercation breaks out at her best friend Sally engagement party, Sally's fiancé Matt starts to look very suspicious. And when he goes missing just a week before the wedding, Aurora and her old friend Arthur – a rookie police officer who still holds a candle for Aurora - go in search of him. When they discover a body outside his condo, they assume it's Sally’s tardy groom… But when the body turns out to be someone else, Matt becomes the main suspect, forcing Aurora and Arthur to find the truth before Sally walks down the aisle with a possible killer.

Investigating the victim leads them into a web of family secrets, million-dollar contracts and shady business dealings... The killer could be Matt's high-strung business partner Carson, his unapologetic stalker Dawn, or even Matt himself, once Sally begins to realize his alibi has quite a few holes in it. As Aurora and Arthur work closely together, the long-time friends begin to full a magnetic pull, but Aurora is swept up by a co-worker at the diner, the charming Daniel. But Aurora may not need a date to the wedding if they can't catch the killer before it's too late.

Cast: Skyler Samuels (Nine Lives of Chloe King, Scream Queens), Evan Roderick (Spinning Out)



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1 x 90'
Jessica Harmon