Nature Symphony, a song of praise to Finnish nature, seamlessly weaves together the mesmerizing beauty of unique nature cinematography and the enchanting harmony of music.

From the award-winning team that made Tale of the Sleeping Giants comes another cinematic love letter to Scandinavian nature, this time in a form of a musical creation. The unique combination of top-notch nature cinematography alongside acclaimed composer Panu Aaltio's magnum opus - performed by the Vantaa Pops Orchestra - transports the viewer into the depth of Finland's rural nature.

Nature Symphony is an expression of respect, admiration, and love for the diversity and beauty of nature – to its miracles, big and small. Thousands of hours of footage of Finnish nature was filmed in the making of this film - in the forest and the swamps; by the lakes, rivers, and brooks; on the ground, in the air, and underwater - marveling at nature from one extreme to the other. At one end, the endless landscapes of the wilderness; and at the other, microscopic organisms in the underwater world.

The 40-piece choir and its' lead vocalist Johanna Kurkela invite the audience to take part in yet another vivid vision of Matila Röhr Productions, who've been documenting the Finnish landscape for decades.


Programme Details

1 x 90'