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Dirty Home Rescue


Dirty Home Rescue displays the tremendous effort it takes to clean homes that are unbelievably dirty. With the help of expert cleaners and a substantial amount of transformative work each home can be made liveable again.

In each episode, our extreme clean team; experts Hayley, Tom and Ches put filthy households across the UK under surveillance to scrutinise their horrific habits, before surprising them with a Dirty Home Rescue mission that will transform their lives forever. Featuring one household per episode, the team assesses the mess through camera intel and monitors where the homeowner is going wrong. The clean team and the homeowners are then sent to work to transform the house, with just two days to change the entire house from filthy to flawless.

Most of the houses Hayley and her team are tasked with cleaning are infested with critters, creepy crawlers, bacteria, and worst of all- loads of clutter. Several of the homeowners Hayley and her team are sent to help have not cleaned their homes in over 5-10 years.

The people who request help from Hayley, Tom and Ches are desperately in need of assistance. Hayley and her team along with viewers root for lifechanging transformations that will implement healthier living habits.

Homeowners and viewers initially expect the transformation of the home to be impossible within the 48-hour timeframe. However, as cleaning progress is shown, by the end of each episode both homeowners and viewers are amazed by the makeover Hayley and her team are able to execute.


Programme Details

12 x 60’
Channel 5 UK