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Emergency Nurses: A+E Stories


Take an exclusive look inside the UK’s busiest Emergency Department and discover what life on the frontline is really like for a young NHS nurse in Britain today.

In a year where record numbers have taken up careers in nursing, this all-access series shines a spotlight on the admirable work and relatable home lives of some of the NHS’s most vital staff.

Emergency Nurses: A+E Stories celebrates the army of 60,000 hardworking, quick-thinking, and fast-acting emergency nurses across Britain providing life-saving care in an environment where every second is critical. Taking up residency at the A&E department at Northwick Park Hospital in Northwest London, this fly-on-the wall documentary series also smashes common misconceptions about the youth of today and showcases them in a whole different light. 

Fueled by a hard work ethic, true grit, and a lot of laughter, these are determined young people who get stuck in, positively thriving in a work environment most of us hope we never have to go into – a place where anything can happen. Alongside the shock and awe of any shift in A&E, the close bonds of the nursing staff emerge naturally throughout this captivating series. These relationships exist in environments where emotions are heightened. The combination of thrilling action and tension of the A&E and the diverse group of nurses, from new recruits to comparatively old hands, win your heart episode by episode.

Emergency Nurses: A+E Stories provides an emotional rollercoaster of a watch, told through the eyes of the emergency nurses whose dedication, passion, and unflinching kindness power A&E departments around the country.


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10 x 60'