Natural History and Wildlife

Brown Hyenas of the Makgadikgadi


The Makgadikgadi pans of Botswana are a vast and desolate world. For the creatures that call this wilderness region home, staying alive is a continuous battle against the elements.

This film reveals the secret life of one of the Makgadikgadi’s most elusive and endangered creatures – the brown hyena. It focuses on the trials and tribulations of a young hyena mother and her brood of small cubs as they navigate the turmoil of life and death amongst these unforgiving landscapes. It is up to this enduring mother hyena to ensure the survival of her cubs to adulthood.

Out here on the pans there are several other creatures that call this incredible region home. Not far from the brown hyena den, a family of meerkats have also made their own home. With recent new-born pups of their own to protect, the meerkats are constantly on the lookout for dangers. Ground squirrels, yellow mongooses, aardvarks, ostriches and black-backed jackals also thrive in the Makgadikgadi, each one with their own fascinating tale to tell.


Programme Details

1 x 60'