Explore Greenland's hidden history, Inuit culture, and diverse wildlife, witnessing the impacts of climate change on this stark, beautiful landscape.

In this film, we explore Greenland. We travel to the northernmost natural human settlement on Earth...

Along the way, we will discover Greenland’s secret history, and its 4,000 years of Inuit history and culture. We journey to an abandoned ghost town, a mining settlement frozen in time. We retrace the mysterious Franklin expedition that vanished amongst the ice. And we discover Greenland’s spectacular wildlife and find out how climate change is affecting their behaviour, and for some, threatening their very survival.

From the world’s largest colony of breeding Arctic terns... which make the greatest migration on the planet, from pole to pole... to immense populations of little auks, seals and whales. And we track musk ox and discover how this ice-age relic survives in the tundra.


Programme Details

1 x 60' / 2 x 60'