Line in the Sand is a cautionary tale of obsession, sacrifice and how one detective's quest for justice shifts his moral compass to the extent that he loses himself.

From the director of the award-winning Israeli thriller Fauda comes Line in the Sand

Set 15 years ago on Israel’s golden coast and inspired by real events, Line in the Sand stars Tsahi Halevi (The Grave, Fauda) as Alon, an idealistic and morally unshakable police detective who leaves behind a high-flying career to return to his hometown.

Finding a city in turmoil and the residents in the iron grip of tyranny, Alon is forced to engage with the gangster on his terms, which means the only way to take the crime lord down is to become the very thing he despises. As the tense stand-off escalates, Alon is left asking himself where the line between right and wrong lies.

Described by Ynet as “exceptionally enthralling” and featuring “excellent performances” (Walla), Line in the Sand debuted to record ratings and rave reviews in Israel.

The first two episodes of Line in the Sand premiered as a doublebill, securing viewing shares of 29.6% and 25.2% respectively on Israel’s most-watched commercial channel. Line in the Sand is now Israel’s highest rating drama since 2015.


Programme Details

16 x 60' (S1 & S2)
Keshet 12 Israel