Format / Scripted Series / Action/Thriller / Mystery

Secret Bridesmaid's Business


A bride’s perfect wedding turns deadly after one of her bridesmaids unwittingly invites a malevolent stranger into their lives, triggering a life-threatening chain reaction that blows open a hidden world of intimate secrets.

Secret Bridesmaids’ Business is a taut, action-packed six-part story of tangled secrets and dangerous obsessions.

When Alex proposes to Olivia (Georgina Haig), would-be bridesmaids Saskia (Katie McGrath) and Melanie (Abbie Cornish) - who couldn’t be more different - are at the down-to-earth bride’s side. It should be the happiest of times, but each of these best friends hides a life-changing secret, several of which are about to explode.

The proposal is a wake-up call for married-with-kids Melanie and she ends her affair with charismatic Jakob (Alexander England). When he continues to pursue her, fearful Melanie lashes out, triggering a malevolent escalation in Jakob’s behaviour. As his monstrous true nature is slowly revealed, Jakob begins to target those closest to Melanie: her family and friends – including Olivia and Saskia. Together, they decide to fight back, by any means necessary, to stop Jakob’s vengeful rampage.

Secret Bridesmaids’ Business blends wry wit with compelling friendship drama and hooky thriller elements that keeps audiences hooked all the way to the end of this soapy six-part drama.

# NOMINATED: Best Casting in a Miniseries - The Casting Guild Of Australia Awards 


Programme Details

6 x 60'
Seven Australia
Channel 4 UK