Natural History and Wildlife

Extreme Animal Transport


This series follows a specialised team of experts as they transport large, exotic animals from one country to another.

How do you relocate a race horse, move a moose or transfer a tiger? What happens when it doesn’t go according to plan? It takes a team of experts to make sure nothing goes wrong, and to jump into quick action when it does!

Exotic, endangered and protected animals need to be relocated for many reasons including research, breeding, conservation, and veterinary care. The procedures and training leading up to the journey are crucial to the animal’s ability to adapt and thrive in its new environment. Each animal has its own needs during transport and each episode in this series follows dedicated teams as they prepare, move and help settle the creatures into their new homes.

Every journey raises awareness of an issue faced by each species, including habitat destruction, poaching and climate change. Some will be leaving life-threatening situations for rehabilitation. Every move has a story and there is always a strong emphasis on the well-being of the animals. Vehicles break down, extreme weather is common and road conditions, time restrictions, lack of sleep and tension between team members create plenty of jeopardy.

The vets, zoo keepers, scientists and conservationists have to be creative, inventing safe ways to transport delicate, rare and sometimes dangerous animals. As with humans, travelling can be extremely stressful for animals and sedation is rarely an option. Meticulous planning and tremendous care is essential to ensure the anxious animal doesn’t injure itself or others.


Programme Details

8 x 30'