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Eyes On The Sky


Amazing stories from air traffic controllers.

Eyes on the Sky will bring stories of amazing saves, survival and technology in the skies to viewers with first person storytelling, eye witness accounts and the actual audio and video excerpts from real events,. Every story is a dramatic life and death situation, with split second decision making and sky high stakes. And every story has a happy ending, with lives being saved.

Stories of near misses, pilots in distress and other freak accidents highlight the surprising variety of “saves” that occur every day and challenge air traffic controllers across our vast international aviation system. In some cases the save involves a team of players and in other instances a single unsung professional just “doing their job” under incredible pressure and high stakes. In addition, real world events that can affect air travel on a massive scale have created remarkable stories of quick thinking and survival in recent years.

Air traffic controllers juggle a variety of variables and complex scenarios. Their ability to adapt to ever-changing situations while keeping their composure is a rare skill especially when faced with life and death situations. The international aviation system remains safe thanks to the aviation safety professionals who work in a high stakes environment that requires perfection.


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10 x 60'