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The Real Mary


The world knows Mary the blessed virgin mother of Jesus. Now, we reveal a radical new picture: The Real Mary.

Mary, the mother of Jesus, is both the best-known and least-known woman of all time, and perhaps the most powerful woman who ever lived.

This drama-documentary series based on biblical historian, James Tabor's, upcoming blockbuster book, The Lost Mary will re-write the life story of this extraordinary woman:

•  A Jewish girl, pregnant out of wedlock at 14
•  A revolutionary firebrand who lived under Roman occupation
•  A dominant figure in the early Christian movement both before and after Jesus' death
•  A true "Godmother" - the power behind the throne
•  The mother of at least seven children
•  Saw two of her sons crucified and another stoned to death on Roman orders

Far from being a serene and heavenly demi-goddess, Mary was an incredible individual who not only lived during a momentous age, but also had a direct hand in shaping it.


Programme Details

1 x 90' / 2 x 45'
In Development
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