This new series reveals, as never before, the wonders, the beauty and the importance of the Congo basin.

So you know the Congo? Truly? Deeply? Our series, told through the powerful voices of people of the Congo Basin, begs to differ. They will reveal the secrets of their extraordinary realm, spanning 15% of the continent of Africa’s landmass and home to unique endemic wildlife, extraordinary forests, savannas, mountains, rivers and lakes; the world’s largest swampland, virtually entirely unexplored and the Congo River – up to 15km wide and over 270 metres deep, as it carves its way across the African continent to the coast and then 1200km westwards, deep in the abyss, over the seafloor of the Atlantic Ocean.

Join a journey of incredible nature, of people, of geography and of remarkable environmental transitions through time. Soar high into the canopy, with the unique perspectives of cutting edge adventurous science, remote technology and unique thermal imaging techniques. Dive to the ocean depths to witness underwater avalanches flowing from the Congo itself. Slide across immense hidden swamplands, exploring wildlife marooned to the east by the vastness of a river so stupendous that they cannot cross it, ever. Fly over the impenetrable forest with a million bats, seeking to profit from meandering rain fronts that dictate all life in the tropics. Plunge through the world’s most ferocious river rapids, where local fishermen risk death to eke out a perilous living. This is a story of colours, jeopardy, incredible wildlife, new science and adventurous perspectives. But most importantly of all, it is a story filmed and told through African eyes.


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4 x 60'
In Development
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