Cooking With Joss Stone


English Singer Joss Stone delivers her easy-to-make... delicious-to-eat... meals with a cheerful, cheeky and knowledgeable confidence that just makes people smile.

Joss is vegetarian. She’s never eaten meat and she doesn’t cook with it either. But that doesn’t stop her from making delicious, plant-based, dishes that will satisfy the most ardent carnivores.. and every shade of flavour in between.

And there’s SO much more than cooking, like music. Joss sings while she cooks. She’s a compulsive and joyful singer and musical improviser. She always has a song on her lips.

Every episode has a theme, like date night, Earth Day or a sporting event. Joss loves company, so in each show, she’ll cook for a friend (often a fellow musician or other celebrity) or family member. It’s all part of her happiness” philosophy. Her upbeat, cheerful and cheeky style is the perfect antidote for troubled times and earnest cooking lessons.

This is a show with a song in its heart and a smile on it’s face.


Programme Details

10 x 60'
In Development
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