Marcus Wareing's Tales from a Kitchen Garden


BBC 2 UK just greenlit the second season of Marcus Wareing's Tales from a Kitchen Garden.

Join Marcus Wareing as he follows his dream of living and cooking in the English countryside. Marcus travels around the country visiting growers, farmers and producers inspiring him to grow his own market garden.

Marcus Wareing, chef extraordinaire, successful restaurateur and workaholic, has dreamed of spending more time in the countryside. He has recently bitten the bullet and bought a smallholding in East Sussex.

Marcus has spent his whole life in the kitchen, cooking food and inventing new recipes. But now he wants to learn. Marcus wants to learn about the food which has dominated his whole life. He wants to break down the barriers between farming and kitchen, immersing himself in learning about where food comes from, how it grows, different production methods and, most importantly, what affects the taste of our food.

Exploring the very roots of food production, Marcus is determined to explore the whole journey of food. What he learns is key. Not only will his discoveries educate him (and us watching at home) - what he learns will inform his cooking, his recipes, and, going forwards, heightening his talents as a chef as he’s able to fully understand what has gone into the food that comes into his kitchen.

He wants to learn, through hands on experience, what goes into growing the excellent British produce he’s been cooking all his life. It will mean a change of gear, slowing down and listening to nature, but it’s a journey he is passionate about taking.


Programme Details

S1: 10 x 30' (Delivered) | S2: 20 x 30' (Coming soon)