Is My Country Prejudiced?


This emotional and powerful format shows that we can’t just assume society is largely fair: we need to test it and really find out.

If we want to live in a society that is fair and inclusive then we need to understand where prejudice lies and why. We need to understand what our country really thinks.

In each episode of this award-winning series, a nationwide survey takes the temperature of the nation on emotive topics like ageism, racism, sexism, obesity and disability. The results of the anonymous survey tell some shocking truths.

Each episode is hosted and we cast a host who is passionate about the issues being explored. Our host leads us on a journey to understand what people truly think and what it’s like if you are a victim of prejudice.

We stage a range of experiments, caught on camera, to see how people behave in a variety of situations. This reveals some shocking behaviour but also shows the bravery of the average person prepared to stand up for others and call out bad behaviour. We celebrate these everyday heroes.

As we watch, the viewer can’t help but ask themselves: how do I really think? How would I behave in this situation?


Programme Details

5 x 60'