10 singles are divided into pairs. Together they will build a raft and spend 10 days heading for a new destination down the river.

Most people meet online and date in busy bars or coffee shops, for many this is a deeply unsatisfactory experience. A recent Danish study suggests we might be getting it all wrong. The study suggests that something happens when we spend time in nature: it opens up our hearts.

Are we more likely to find love if we are in the great outdoors? In this new social experiment, we put it to the test.

Every second night, the couples meet with the other couples in a camp along the shore. Here the couples eat together, and sleep in their respective couple tents before continuing down the river the next day.

If the couples choose to ‘re-arrange’ themselves they can. Who are we to get in the way of true love?!

They will spend their days fishing, cloud-watching, building fires, lying under the stars, listening to birdsong. If the world is allowed to slow down and time is spent immersed in nature, does something unlock in our hearts?


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10 x 30'