Science and Technology

Hormones and Huffs


This film takes us into a fascinating world full of changes and opportunities. Baffling scientific facts and eye-catching cinematography reveal adolescence as a period full of biological miracles.

Teenagers can be monsters, but are also sensitive beings undergoing a fascinating, biological metamorphosis. This visually stunning science documentary takes us deep into the mesmerising world of adolescents and reveals the scientific miracles of puberty.

Puberty is like a second birth. During the first years of life, children learn their basic skills, but only during puberty do they begin to realise their full physical and mental potential. Thanks to synaptic pruning, the brain matures into an efficient supercomputer with fewer, but faster connections. The body transforms into a powerful and finely controlled musculoskeletal system. With the onset of puberty, the nursery doors are thrown open to reveal an unknown, exciting, new world. Teenagers are full of zest; they don’t want to be mere explorers anymore, but conquerors. It’s an exciting time full of intense experiences; the first crush, sex and alcohol. Hobbies turn into passions, banters into fierce fights, and playmates into intimate friends. It is a time full of joy – and despair.


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1 x 60'