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If someone is needed to save the day, take on a special role or help out a friend, Claude is the dog to do it – his nose twitches, his ears waggle – ‘I CAN DO THAT.’

Claude is a small, plump dog who wears smart shoes, a dashing jumper and a rather nifty beret. He lives at 112 Waggy Avenue with Mr and Mrs Shinyshoes, and his best pal in the whole world - Sir Bobblysock (who is both a sock and quite bobbly).

Every day, Claude and Sir Bobblysock head out into Pawhaven, a bustling seaside town where everyone knows Claude’s name. And so begins a madcap, escalating series of events.

At the end of the day, Mr and Mrs Shinyshoes return home, always surprised to find weird and wonderful objects in the house from Claude’s adventure. ‘It can’t have anything to do with Claude – he’s been asleep all day’… but we know better, don’t we?

Based on the hugely successful series of books by Alex T. Smith, Claude is a unique, charming and, above all, funny new animated preschool series with a hero that everyone will love.


Programme Details

50 x 12' / 11 x 2'
Disney Junior Australia
Disney Junior UK