The bear pens at Northern Lights Wildlife Shelter are crawling with a record 40 orphaned black bear cubs—climbing, wrestling, and rolling fuzz-balls—each distinct in looks and personality

Rescuing and caring for these cubs are the passion of Angelika Langen, the shelter’s resident ‘Mamma Bear’. While Angelika handles the black bear cubs, her husband Peter runs the world’s only grizzly rehab program. With the help of their son Michael, daughter Tanja, son-in-law Shawn, and a team of driven volunteers, they save sick and injured orphan cubs and build them up for hibernation. In the spring when the cubs reemerge as big healthy yearlings, the family transports them to remote sites across British Columbia where they are released for their second chance at life in the wild. Bristling with drama, comedy, and irresistible cuteness, Wild Bear Rescue tracks the raising of these endearing cubs, from their dramatic rescues to their releases the following year.

In Season 3, the scope of its work is truly something to see. As new cubs are brought in with all kinds of injuries and problems, the previous year’s cubs, now rambunctious yearlings, need to be released to their home territories. Angelika, Peter, Tanja, and their busy volunteers juggle everything from cubs and calves with major traumas to feisty yearlings who manage to escape their pens. On top of the bears, fawns arrive with fractured bones, moose calves limp in after being mauled by dogs or abandoned by their mothers, and otters need to be taught how to fish. Often, Angelika must make difficult choices of whether an animal can recover and ever survive in the wild.

Episodic Breakdown:
• Season 1: 12 x 30'
• Season 2: 12 x 30'
• Season 3: 12 x 30'


Programme Details

36 x 30'
Animal Planet
4K / HD