Natural History and Wildlife

Malika - The Lion Queen


From the Emmy Award winning Producers of Planet Earth II, Blue Planet and Hostile Planet.

This exhilarating, blue-chip natural history film tells the life story of Malika as she grows from lion cub to lioness in a celebration of female strength and resilience.

Narrated by Emmy Award nominated actress Angela Bassett, we follow the story of one wild heroine as she grows from vulnerable cub to formidable Queen. Malika’s story is one of female empowerment. A rags to riches tale where every pivotal moment shapes her character, hones her skills, builds her strength and fuels her determination. With a fresh, new approach to blue chip natural history filmmaking, comes an intimate, character-driven drama from the heart of the African’ bush.

Malika stands tall, high on top of an abandoned termite mound. Her breath cuts the early morning air as she calls to her 9-strong team of sisters, aunts and cubs. A magnificent male approaches, arrogantly roaring his reply and declaring them - and this land - as his own. Bold and powerful, he appears to be the king around here, but this male would be nothing without one remarkable female. Malika is a warrior, a hunter and a devoted mother – the queen of this family. She is everything to this pride. Strong and fiercely loyal, Malika is an inspirational leader in the prime of her life. But not all lions are born equal. Malika’s rise to power has been far from easy.


Programme Details

1 x 90' / 2 x 60'