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Jo Frost on Killer Kids


Parenting expert Jo Frost examines the unthinkable – children who kill.

This documentary series follows a parenting expert on a journey to find out why children kill. The child behavioural expert, who has a wealth of experience under their belt, is used to dealing with challenging children but none of them have been quite as troubled as the four individuals in this series. The expert candidly asks the important questions…What makes a young person so angry and frustrated that they decide to take the life of another? Are they born with a lethal trigger inside of them or are they products of the environment around them? Quite simply put: is it nature or nurture?

In this series the families and friends of the victims - as well as criminologists, psychologists, journalists and detectives involved with each case - are interviewed to get to the heart of the story and find out if these children are born evil.


Programme Details

4 x 60'
Crime + Investigation UK