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Train Your Baby Like Your Dog


Your puppy is probably better behaved than your toddler. If that sounds familiar, here’s an unfamiliar, radical solution: try training your kid like a dog.

Kids and dogs: they’re central to family life. And life is so much sweeter (and easier!) when they’re properly behaved. So, to keep things happy and harmonious, we train our dogs. But our kids? Not so much (if at all).

We will meet two families with troublesome toddlers and a range of issues from tantrums, refusal to eat vegetables to waking up repeatedly at night. But we are turning our backs on the naughty step and more traditional methods of parenting. Our host Jo-Rosie and her sidekick Tango (a beautiful golden Labrador), arrive and observe the family and their problems and then they set to work to show that the same techniques used in dog training can be used to train our children. What might seem a gimmick, is all about teaching a positive parenting style that uses praise and reward.

The Host: Jo-Rosie Haffenden has been training dogs for more than 12 years. She completed a degree in human psychology before extending her studies to complete a post graduate degree in animal behavior. Previously a member of the Institute of Modern Dog Trainers, Jo now runs her own dog school alongside her fiancé Nando Brown. The School of Canine Science provides courses and training for dog trainers and behaviorists.


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1 x 60'
Channel 4 UK