Accounts of the two-hour period when terrorists attacked the Twin Towers, the Pentagon and Flight 93 and the story of the 20 years since that day.

Directed by Arthur Cary, Winner of the 2020 BAFTA Award for Best Factual Director for “The Last Survivors”.

An ambitious landmark commission by the BBC for 2021, 9/11: The Twenty-Year Anniversary will respect and remember the events of 9/11 by providing a thorough reflection and re-examination of the tragic events that changed the course of human history.

Utilizing newly available archival materials as well as intimate interviews with survivors, some speaking for the first time ever, 9/11: The Twenty-Year Anniversary will reveal the story of the four attacks. By re-telling those two hours via a select cast of characters – ordinary men and women caught up in an extraordinary situations, this documentary shares visceral, rarely-told eyewitness perspectives on how the attacks on the North and South Towers, the Pentagon and Flight 93 unfolded.

Chosen for their unique perspectives and diverse backgrounds, our cast of characters collectively encompass the many dimensions of the tragedy – from the widow of the co-pilot on Flight 93, to survivors from the towers including an Iraqi IT worker and a pregnant worker from the 78th floor of the South Tower.

As real people share their experiences of the past 20 years, we begin to understand in startling detail how that September morning irrevocably changed both individuals and our world at large.


Programme Details

1 x 90’
Discovery US
Canal+Group France