Wild Canadian Weather is an intimate and dramatic exploration of life in one of the most intense and challenging climates on the planet.

From the award-winning natural history filmmaker and producer of ‘Planet EarthJeff Turner comes an epic new 4K nature series following stories of extreme weather as it forges the landscape, rules the life cycles of wildlife, and pushes humans to their limits.

Wild Canadian Weather takes viewers across the country to witness the dramatic weather events that shape our landscapes and our lives, from the torrential downpours that feed the rainforests on the West Coast to the powerful windstorms that bring people together for storied parties on the East Coast. Through episodes about cold, rain, wind and sun and the making of the series, we get a first-hand look at how weather can be friend and foe. Underpinning everything is the fact that climate change is making extreme weather events more frequent and intense. From polar vortex blizzards to raging forest fires, the natural world has evolved and adapted to survive under some of the most extreme and dangerous weather conditions on the planet. This series weaves together stories of how different species harness the incredible power of the weather to migrate, hunt, escape danger, and reproduce.

Episode Breakdown:
1. Cold
2. Rain
3. Wind
4. Sun


Programme Details

4 x 60'
4K / HD