Movie / Holiday / Romantic Comedy

If I Only Had Christmas


A Kansas publicist must use brains, heart, and courage to transform a charity—and its mysterious CEO.

Kansas City publicist Darcy Gale has almost everything she needs: her adorable dog Bobo, a loving and supporting family nearby, and a job she loves. But when she’s passed over for a major award, she starts to wonder if her small town roots are keeping her from soaring. When mysterious tech CEO William Austin is swept up in a tornado of bad publicity, Darcy makes it her mission to land him as a client—but she keeps running into resistance from his Vice President of Communications, a very cynical Glen Goodman.

When Darcy discovers that Austin’s company founded her favorite educational charity, she and Glen strike up a deal: She will come to their Connecticut headquarters and offer three weeks of pro bono work for their Christmas season—their busiest and biggest donor season. If Glen likes her work, then maybe...maybe...he’ll set up a meeting between her and the elusive William Austin. In addition to having to convince Glen that she can make the Christmas events the best the company ever had, she also has to prove her abilities and sincerity to the company’s powerful Vice President of Finance, Winona West who is suspicious of Darcy’s motives

With the help of three charming charity workers, Darcy may be able to bring some renewed Christmas spirit to the hearts of those who need it most—perhaps even the disillusioned Glen Goodman. The events are so successful that Darcy is offered a full time PR position at the company’s headquarters.

At the charity’s heartwarming Christmas gala, Glenn reveals that he is, in fact, the company’s CEO, William Austin. Darcy is shocked by the revelation and upset that Glen has been untruthful. She declines the account and makes her way back home… Now, with Christmas just a day away, William Austin must find a way to win back the heart of the girl from Kansas who landed in his life like a thunderbolt, before it’s too late…

Cast: Candace Cameron Bure (Full House), Warren Christie (Apollo 18, Alphas)


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1 x 90'
David Weaver