Movie / Holiday / Romantic Comedy

Cross Country Christmas


When the plane they’re on is forced to land due to an emergency, two former classmates, Lina and Max, must work together to make it home to their small town in Colorado for the holidays, no matter the mode of transportation.

Lina Gordon, is a beautiful, caring and successful entrepreneur, who is a “Creative Solutions Specialist” - that is to say, she helps people with “outside the box” conflict negotiations from corporate dynamics to couples in mediation. Max Cooper, is a rugged, handsome version of the sweet, slim kid that Lina once knew from high school.

Five days before Christmas, Lina and Max run into each other at an airport in New York and learn that both are headed back to their same, small hometown in Colorado for the holidays. Their initial meeting is somewhat rocky as they still appear to be polar opposites.  When their plane makes an emergency landing in rural Ohio due to severe weather, Lina and Max quickly realize that their options of making it home in time for Christmas are slim to none.

After securing an UBER ride from a very quirky driver who’s heading west, Lina and Max are soon sent on a hilarious journey across state lines that sees them encounter several hilarious situations all in service of getting home for Christmas…

As time passes, and our unlikely couple overcomes obstacle after obstacle, they begin to open up to one another and realize that neither is what the other remembered. This ultimately sees them grow closer… But when Max reveals the reason, he is nervous to return home, Lina has to decide if “helping” him is the right choice as they continue on their journey in this laugh-out-loud, holiday rom-com that boasts the most bizarre road trip ever.

Cast: Rachael Leigh Cook (She’s All That), Greyston Holt (The 100)


Programme Details

1 x 90'
Catherine Cyran