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Drain the Bermuda Triangle


Strange geological features are explored to shed light on the mysterious occurrences that have been documented within the boundaries of this area of ocean. We join several new dives and expeditions in search of the science behind the myth.

The Bermuda Triangle: the name alone grabs the imagination. 

‘Drain the Bermuda Triangle’ for the first time will go where very few if any explorers have gone, and there is no need to mount a major expedition or costly and dangerous dives. These new age underwater TV shows will simply ‘drain’ the water to explore the unknown landscape hidden below the surface of the ocean using three dimensional multi-beam data collected by scanning these areas of the ocean.

‘Drain the Bermuda Triangle’ will be an exploration and investigation into the strange occurrences that have plagued this part of the ocean and by ‘draining’ the Atlantic and Caribbean we hope to finally discover what is behind these unusual mysteries and disappearances. Our focus will be on number of amazing geological features that include deep trenches, Blue Holes and even methane gas pockets that many experts believe could be behind the mystery of the Bermuda Triangle.

Drain the Bermuda Triangle will be a unique and never before seen TV experience that mixes cutting edge CGI, the latest scientific data and a great collection of the worlds experts to analyze the mysteries of what lies in the depths of the unknown oceans.


Programme Details

1 x 60'
National Geographic