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Mapping Disaster


Uncovering the secrets of past calamities, "Mapping Disaster" reveals the path to conquering catastrophe and saving lives.

Disasters can strike, anytime, anywhere.

Under blue skies and without warning, the smallest break from the ordinary can set the disaster in motion. In the eye of the storm, the inevitable seems inescapable. But what can be learned in the aftermath of Earth’s most catastrophic forces? We hit rewind, and replay Earth’s worst disasters. Using archive, CGI, modern analytics, and experts, we track time, direction and trajectory. What can be uncovered post-impact? What do we need to know between the inciting event and the ripple effects to curtail the swell and save lives? Building a step-by-step playbook, could we conquer catastrophe by Mapping Disaster?

Episodic Breakdown:
• Ep 1: Danger Beyond the Horizon  
• Ep 2: The Topography of Terror  
• Ep 3: Built to Fail  
• Ep 4: The Contours of Destruction  
• Ep 5: The Meridian of Doom  
• Ep 6: When the Levees Break


Programme Details

6 x 60'
4K / HD