Format / Scripted Series / Mystery

Summer of Sorrow


Summer of Sorrow is a tale of one fateful summer, seen through the eyes of the children at the heart of a terrifying mystery.

At the beginning of summer 1983, a small child disappears from an idyllic suburb of Helsinki, Munkkivuori. At the same time, a 13-year-old boy called Mirko and his family move into the neighbourhood, and into the childhood home of his mother Anne, without knowing how the past and present events will shape their lives. The close-knit community has not changed over the years and Mirko's mother and her family are viewed suspiciously by her old friends.

The children of the neighbourhood are a different story, and quickly become friends with the new kid on the block. Despite the tragic disappearance, Mirko and his newfound friends enjoy summer in the suburbs - exploring the woods, partying, and experiencing teenage romance for the first time. But always lurking in the background is the disappearance of the child. Although unknown to the children yet, the mystery is about to change their lives – and the lives of their families – forever.

Unsatisfied with the police investigation, the local parents meet in secret concluding the police aren’t doing enough to find the missing boy. Some fathers decide to take matters into their own hands, and soon their decision has consequences involving everyone in the neighbourhood. Aware of something bubbling underground, Mirko and his friends also decide to do some digging of their own to try and find out what their parents are up to. 

With information at a minimum, they start to draw their own conclusions and begin their own investigations. With strange characters and eerie incidents happening more and more frequently around the neighbourhood, the gang asks hard questions: What are their parents really up to? What are they covering up? What happened to the little boy? And is he still alive?

As the race against time begins to grip and take hold, tensions within the community threaten to destroy family ties, friendships, and even lives. And when the past collides with the present, Mirko and his friends find that their innocence has been lost forever.


Programme Details

10 x 60'
Elisa VIIHDE and Nelonen