Eyes Shut takes us on a journey between the past and present, while on the trail of an enduring mystery.

Back in 1994, 15-year-old Simon Dénommé hopped on his bike and cycled to the local store. He never came back. The next day, his body was found in the river.

Twenty-seven years later, his sister Élise now 38, remains obsessed with her brother's apparent suicide. It destroyed her family, turning Elise’s life upside down, and leaving her mother Lorraine racked with guilt and pain. 

Too young to have many of her own memories of that time, Elise is determined to find out what pushed Simon to end his own life. A chance invitation to Simon's high school reunion seems to be the perfect place to begin. There, Elise meets classmates who share stories that support the suicide theory: a confused teenager, devastated by his parents' recent divorce. As she leaves, Elise finds a note on her windshield: "There are things you don't know about your brother.”

What really happened to Simon? Elise delves deep into family archives and tracks down those who knew him best, including her reluctant mother, Simon's best friend Berge, and Philippe, the priest-turned-bishop who ran a self-help group for teenagers like Simon.

Eyes Shut goes back and forth from Simon's past to Elise's present, trying to make sense of the actions of a confused teenager and a restless woman, who always pays for everyone else's mistakes.

Cast: Magalie Lépine-Blondeau (The Nature of Love), Léokim Beaumier-lépine (Les cavaliers)


Programme Details

6 x 60'
Radio Canada
French Canadian