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Ping & Friends


From the same creators of for Emmy-nominated series, Earth to Luna!, and Fishtronaut, sold to more than 96 territories.

The series follows Ping, a cute songbird, Pong, a guitar-strumming puppy, and their friends as they find musical inspiration in unlikely places.

Ping and Friends is a fun-filled and engaging animation for children! The series follows two best friends; Ping, a cute songbird, and Pong, a guitar-strumming puppy, a duo who love music. With their friends Mr. Prickles, a grumpy hedgehog, Matilda, an independent cat, and Trix06, a cool little robot, they always find a reason to create a new song in Melody Meadows.

For Ping and Pong, the answer to everything is music. While having fun with words and sounds, they come up with the most fantastical tunes imaginable. From Jazz and Rock to Punk, Hip-Hop, Drum and Bass, Folk music, Classical, Techno, Samba, Tango, Reggae, and other world beats, Ping and Friends help young viewers grow their vocabulary, discover rhythm and rhyme, and experience an array of musical genres. 

Step into a world where these lovable characters use the power of music to express themselves in the most extraordinary ways!