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The Loodles


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In the whimsical town of Loodleville, little Loodle Anne and her family, along with their clever dog Garbanzo, turn everyday challenges into extraordinary adventures with the help of Anne's magical Doodle Book.

Hidden on top of a snow-capped mountain stands the quaint and quirky town of Loodleville. Little Loodle Anne, her big loving family, and their dog named Garbanzo never get discouraged while tackling their daily challenges.

Join little Loodle Anne, her mischievous brother Boo, their loving Mom and Dad, and their furry friend Garbanzo on their daily adventures in Loodleville. Even the most ordinary activities become extraordinarily funny in their world, whether it's buying flour for pancakes, chasing pesky moths, or studying animal footprints for homework.

With her boundless enthusiasm, Loodle Anne shares every moment with you, painting vivid pictures with her stories and illustrations from her wonder-album. Solutions often come from Anne's Doodle Book. With a simple swipe, drawings can be materialized in the real world in order to help solve a problem at hand - with a bit of creative thinking and imagination. Get ready to dive into the silly, heartwarming world of the Loodles, where laughter and joy are always in season!


Programme Details

52 x 7'