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Urban Escape - When Japan's Women Go Rural


A Tokyo woman's life takes a remarkable turn as she embraces rural farming in a Japanese mountain village, defying expectations and discovering the beauty of nature and ancient traditions.

She never imagined that she would someday become a farmer's wife in a remote Japanese mountain village. This film tells the story of a young city woman who rolled up her sleeves and turned her life upside down.

Living in Tokyo, a city of 38 million, 38-year-old Tamami Shigitani was stuck behind her desk at a white-collar job. However, nine years ago, chance led her to the rice chamber of Japan. Dressed in rubber boots and work gloves, Tamami fell in love with a village, nature, and a man. It was the first wedding in Ishidani in over forty years. Fascinated by the ancient knowledge, Tamami learns everything about rice cultivation and the wild vegetable plants on the mountainsides. Time is pressing: Almost everyone in the village is well over seventy.


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1 x 30'