A Cold War of Spies


Through a Cold War of Spies, brave agents and defectors risked everything to gather vital intelligence, reshaping history in a global battle of espionage that transcended the battlefield.

The Cold War. A world divided. A global race to claim superior military might that reshaped the world. A conflict that would never be fought on the battlefield, but rather would face off in an espionage confrontation, East vs West. From eyes in the sky to boots on the ground, they stalked the shadows behind enemy lines. Some were government agents. Others recruited assets, couriers, and handlers. Many were defectors, turncoats, or moles. All laid their lives on the line for their main objective, “secure vital information about the enemy”.

They passed intelligence, intercepted communications, stole blueprints and mapped targets. But ultimately they drove the deep-seated paranoia and distrust that would forever change the course of history, through a Cold War of Spies.

Episodic Breakdown:
Ep 1: Atomic Secrets
Ep 2: Spies in the Skies
Ep 3: Through Enemy's Eyes
Ep 4: War of Words


Programme Details

4 x 60'
4K / HD