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Magic Adventures


Korean co-production with KBS Korea

Join Princess Olivia and her fearless friends in this “Wizard of OZ meets Harry Potter” animation series!

"Magic Adventures" follows the brave daughter of King Mir and Queen Fauna, Princess Olivia, on her perilous quest to save her parents and Magic Land from the wicked Dark, the corrupted Wizard of Light.

With the help of her friends - the timid and careful Jack, cheerful and curious Bella, once the boastful and arrogant Wizard of Fire turned witty dog Vance/Ace, and Khan, the wise and majestic red lion who is also the Wizard of Wind - Princess Olivia must find four great wizards and collect 7 magical crystals to stop Dark from conquering Magic Land.

On their journey, Princess Olivia and her friends explore many whimsical villages that have been taken over by Dark's henchmen, The Seven Knights.  From the Fruit Village, where residents have become addicted to sweets, to the Sun Village, where souls have been stolen with a shadow vacuum, Princess Olivia and her friends must confront and defeat the knights, release the imprisoned villagers from Dark's evil spell, and gather the crystals before he becomes an all-powerful wizard.

With enchanting locations inspired by popular fairy tales, "Magic Adventures" is a playful visual animation that promotes courage, friendship and unleashes children’s imagination to overcome real-life challenges!


Programme Details

52 x 11'
Natgeo Kids Korea