Crime and Paranormal

The Interrogation Room


US Version - Presented by American Actress, producer and Television host Vivica A. Fox (Independence Day, Kill Bill)
UK Version - Presented by Robert Rinder (criminal barrister and television personality) and commissioned by Crime+ Investigation UK

The Interrogation Room takes a unique look at the battle of wits between police and suspects in some of the most disturbing US and UK criminal cases in recent years.

The ten-part series is presented by American Actress, producer and Television host Vivica A. Fox (Independence Day, Kill Bill) (for the US Version). The UK version is presented by criminal barrister Rob Rinder.

Across ten episodes of The Interrogation Room, a team of experts will analyse ten police interviews, in each of which the skilled work of detectives was key to cracking the case and securing a conviction. With Vivica Fox as our expert guide (for the US Version and Rob Rinder for the UK Version), retired senior detectives from the US and the UK, forensic and criminal psychologists and body language experts will examine the original police footage of interrogations at the heart of each case, to reveal the ‘tricks of the trade’ used to extract a confession and the tell-tale signs that a suspect is lying.


Programme Details

10 x 60'