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Unstoppable: The Fentanyl Epidemic


It’s 100 times more powerful than morphine and has already killed thousands of people around the world, including pop star Prince. It’s a painkiller called fentanyl, one of the most dangerous drug ever seen on the market since crack cocaine. Is it unstoppable?

Canadians’ attention has been briefly grabbed by the headline: the story – an abnormally high number of overdose deaths caused by a drug called fentanyl. It merited a few days attention and then was pushed off the stage by other concerns.

What Canadians failed to appreciate was that those few headlines offered a foreboding glimpse of what might be one of the most destructive waves of illegal drugs to hit North America since Pablo Escobar flooded the continent with cheap and powerful cocaine. Fentanyl is a killer. And fentanyl isn’t just preying on the addict population of this country. Its victims are also Canada’s unsuspecting middle-class. And the epidemic is showing no signs of letting up. In fact all signs point to the death count rising as more and more powerful versions of this drug seep into the country.

The result, Canadians have no idea what’s “slouching” towards them in the near future. Through the eyes of four insiders in the fentanyl industry, Dam Builder Productions will take the audience inside this world in way that will enlighten, outrage, and even fascinate.


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1 x 60'
CBC Canada