Natural History and Wildlife

Heart of The Elephant


This moving film brings together a number of eye-witness accounts relating to the extraordinary intelligence possessed by elephants and their undeniable emotional capacity – attributes which are far more powerful than we ever thought possible.

Those of us who have had the privilege of looking deep into the eyes of an elephant, feeling their low rumbles reverberate through to our very core, will attest to the fact that somewhere, buried deep in history, there is an ancient connection between man and elephant. This film is a story of wonder, woven together from a tapestry of eye-witness accounts and stories of these gentle giants’ intelligence and undeniable emotional capacity that is far more powerful than we ever acknowledged.

Our story begins in the heart of Zimbabwe, in the pristine wilderness region of Mana Pools National Park where a bull elephant, nick-named ‘Pretty Boy’ took his trust in humans to a whole new level. With a near-fatal gunshot wound to the head, the bull headed straight to the door of local wildlife vet, Dr Lisa Marabini. Was his mysterious appearance at the vet’s door a lucky coincidence, or a deeper understanding of which humans can be trusted and which ones can’t?


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1 x 60'