Natural History and Wildlife

Valley of the Bears

Natural History and Wildlife

Valley of the Bears

Bear-human conflict is on the rise. The fight for two species to coexist begins.

The Perfect Storm is approaching: Bear-human conflict in the Bella Coola Valley of British Columbia is at an all time high, and continues to rise. With one of the highest concentrations of bears and humans on the planet, conflict occurs on a daily basis. The hunting of grizzly bears is now prohibited, and bear viewing for and by tourists is growing uncontrollably. The bears are becoming habituated and are losing their fear of man. Salmon numbers are the lowest in decades, forcing the bears to find other food sources. They roam the town to forage for food, and break into people’s homes. A Park Ranger is grabbed by his head and thrown across his own porch; a father of two shoots a charging sow; the incident was caught on video. 17 bears are killed this year. Media attention exposing this once peaceful valley is now creating tension between the residents and the outside world, with a barrage of online abuse and death threats. There’s a divide in the community, and tension is rising. The days of “Shoot, Shovel and Shut Up” are gone. Living with habituated bears, “it’s one big social experiment”, and it’s about to erupt.

With gripping characters, stunning wildlife cinematography and storytelling of the highest calibre, we tell the intimate story, of what it’s like to live with an incredible, but unpredictable apex predator. With a feature-doc style inspired by “The Ivory Game”, it mixes fast paced action sequences with profound storytelling.


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