Delicacy Hunter


Episode Locations: Season 1 - Silk Road China;  Season 2 - China, Germany and Italy

Chef Jamie Bilbow is on a gastronomic journey to find Chinese foods with an intricate link to the 2000-year-old ancient network, and unearth the secrets behind the age old recipes as told by the locals.

British Chef Jamie Bilbow is on the road – specifically - the Silk Road (Season 1), the most important overland trade route in China’s history and the main corridor between the East and West for centuries. Merchants on camel-led caravans, pilgrims braving bandits on the open road and bazaars selling exotic spices, the ancient network was a place where different cultures came together and shared their languages, traditions, and foods and its influence still lives on in the food of Western China.

In Season 2, after traveling along the Chinese Silk Road, British chef Jamie is back on track hunting for gastronomic delicacies inside and outside of China. To find out how food is capable of linking people from East to West and bringing together different cultures, Jamie will travel from one of China’s most remote regions, Gansu, to the very heart of Europe in Germany. Here, he will discover how the extensive exchange network once created by commerce is very much alive through food exchange nowadays. Witnessing how Chinese and Europeans are benefiting from their centuries-old culinary traditions, he will taste local specialties before following the path that brings to Europe’s gastronomic capital, Rome. Like a modern Marco Polo in reverse, Jamie is ready to bring back the precious recipes he witnessed through his journey to finally share them across the table with his Chinese friends.

Episodic Breakdown:
• Season 1: 6 x 30' (The Silk Road, China)
• Season 2: 5 x 30' (Ep 1: Shanxi, China, Ep 2: Gannam, China, Ep. 3: Zhangye, China, Ep 4: Birkenfield, Germany, Ep 5: Rome, Italy)


Programme Details

11 x 30'
National Geographic Asia
SBS Australia
CCTV China