Natural History and Wildlife

The Wild Canadian Year


The Wild Canadian Year captures the powerful stories of how each season affects the animals and plants that make Canada their home, revealing remarkable, never-before-seen wildlife behaviour in some of the country’s most remote and spectacular landscapes.

From the creators of the acclaimed series WILD CANADA, comes a new legacy series, which will view Canada’s extraordinary wildlife through the lens of its four distinct seasons.

The seasonality of the weather on our planet defines and drives the lives of every creature on earth. Humans, plants and wildlife must navigate the changing conditions they face as a result of our planet’s annual trip around the sun. But in some places the effects of the seasons are especially pronounced - one of those places is Canada.

Lightning storms and tornados whipping across the Canadian prairies, secret worlds buried beneath the snow, polar bears hunting in the open summer waters of Hudson Bay, a bizarre animal that lives underground and has 28 tentacles around its mouth instead of eyes, frogs that actually freeze solid in the winter - miraculously coming back to life year after year each spring, and lynx that walk on snow chasing their elusive quarry through the northern forests – The Wild Canadian Year will showcase the most amazing and rare natural wonders of Canada.


Programme Details

4 x 60'
4K / HD