The Lost Lagoon gives a new angle into the lives of seldom seen animals, displaying behavior that’s never been filmed, and combines this with a real situation of environmental impact on a unique location that, to this day, not many people are aware of.

On one of the wildest coastlines in Africa, lies an estuary. For hundreds of years it’s existed, secluded, and life in its waterways has been uninterrupted. It’s ebb and flow creates a magical environment that is never the same at any given moment.

In modern times, it’s been guarded by war. The heated 20 year bush conflict that raged in central Mozambique cut off access to the lagoon, and it was only a decade ago that the sand track down to the coast was cut into any semblance of a road.

The lagoon is a hidden network of tidal flats, channels and clear waterways. Mangrove swamps and sea-grass beds hide rarely seen creatures with bizarre lifestyles.

But the now the lagoon has been found, the war is over, and humans have begun to settle on its tender shores. They probe the flats and net the mouth, trapping fish destined for its upper reaches. Will this added pressure tilt the precarious balance of the lost lagoon? Can this array of strange creatures survive alongside the greatest predator of all?


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1 X 60'