Natural History and Wildlife

Amazing Animal Encounters


Amazing Animal Encounters travels the globe, digging up stories behind the stunning, shocking and most spectacular wildlife videos.

Taken on a journey by an experienced wildlife host, the series will reveal the behind the scenes stories of the videos, interview the people who filmed and experienced these amazing animal interactions first hand, and discover what happened and why.

The Shocking - A diver gets head-butted by a shark; an elephant stabs and kills a buffalo; a pride of lions clash with a crocodile over a carcass and a Killer Whale throws a sea lion 20 feet into the air. The Dramatic - A deer stands up to a coyote; a family of chimps morn a dead friend and an antelope’s parents try to save it from a hyena. The Heartwarming - A baby dolphin is found beached and returned to the ocean just in time; a horse and a baboon strike up a rare friendship and a bird of prey is released after being caught in a tree. The Epic - A huge fight breaks out between more than 25 lions; a secretive leopard stalks its prey right in front of a safari vehicle and a green moray eel attacks a caiman.

These are just some of the videos so far tracked down. There is an endless supply of shocking, bizarre and funny clips, each having its own unforgettable story and a fascinating reason as to why it happened.


Programme Details

6 x 60'